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Parang Mehta, freelance writer and editor


I’m Parang Mehta, freelance writer. I write research-backed, expert content for professionals, businesses, and service providers in the medical, wellness, and health care fields.

If you run a service that improves and positively impacts the health and lives of people, you should let the world know about it on your website. That’s my specialty: expert-level content in this accuracy-critical, error-intolerant domain.

I use my expertise and personal experience in medicine and health care to create content that impresses your potential clients. I write appropriately for your target audience: specialist doctors, other health care professionals, potential patients, or any other. As a professional writer, I’ve been doing just this for thirty years.


Thirty plus years of working in various healthcare settings — government hospitals, specialty clinics, private facilities.

Writing for general interest magazines, the internet, peer-reviewed journals, and textbooks.

Creating high-quality articles, blog posts, and e-books for healthcare and wellness entities.

Editor of a journal for six years.


Dr. SN Medical College, Jodhpur, India, MBBS.

Dr. SN Medical College, Jodhpur, India, MD (Pediatrics).

NIIT, Surat, Diploma in Computer Applications.

British Institutes, Mumbai, Diploma in English Writing.

Advantages of a content-rich website

Communicate your value.

Earn respect and become known as an authority.

Have more organic visitors through being found on search.

Convert website visitors to clients/patients.

Fulfil the education and information needs of people everywhere.

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