Parang Mehta, freelance writer & editor.

Authentic, engaging B2B and B2C content.

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Assert the true worth of your services on your website!

I’m Parang Mehta, a freelance writer specializing in medicine, health, and healthcare. I work with health care professionals and businesses to create notable, trustworthy content that establishes their authority and expertise.

I write about health, wellness, hospitals and practices, the business of health care, and all the other aspects of medicine.

Parang Mehta, freelance writer and editor.

Are you struggling to find time to write the articles and posts that showcase your expertise?

Do you need content that keeps your potential clients coming to your website regularly?

Does your existing website not fully convey your value to potential clients?

Have you seen the need to upgrade your website with in-depth, impressive content?

Let’s work together on this!


Blog posts

SEO optimized, on-topic content that will help people to find you. Regular, relatable content keeps people coming back to your blog.
You provide me with information about your business, practice, and clients. Together, we’ll plan what topics to write about. I will then populate your blog with posts that engage and convert. Content about your business, about the things you care about, with your voice!

Long-form articles
White Papers

Want to establish your leadership in the field? An e-book, white paper, or ultimate guide works very well.

On any subject in medicine, health, or wellness, I will provide you with a well-researched, interesting book to call your own!

B2B Content

Talking to businesses is different: less fluff, more hard data, a different tone and depth.

I write for businesses in the traditional medicine, alternative medicine, and wellness niches.

Do you want your website to be found by potential clients? And, of course, impress them enough to convert them to clients?

You need quality content. I provide blog posts created for you after understanding your business and your clients. You’ll get research-backed, engaging content custom-written for your needs.

Generating engaging, SEO-friendly content is tough, time-consuming work. I take it off your hands and deliver. You continue doing the work you excel at; I’ll tell the world about it.

If you have an idea and a vision, and need a voice…

I’ve worked in various health care settings for over thirty years now. I’ve been writing for almost as long; for magazines, journals, textbooks, and the web.
My writing is original, factual, and delivered on time. I write everything myself to ensure accuracy and consistency.

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